0pen Space and Recreational Zones

Open space is a significant recreation, community and environmental resource to the Waitaki District and requires protection from inappropriate activities that could degrade its qualities, character and values. In addition to this zone, there are other “district-wide” rules that may apply to open spaces and reserves including: amenity, significant and outstanding natural and coastal landscapes, historic precincts, sites and areas of significance to Māori, ecosystems and indigenous biodiversity, natural character, coastal environment, natural features and landscapes, public access, historical heritage, subdivision, natural hazards, contaminated sites, hazardous substances, earthworks, signage, notable trees, temporary activities, noise and light.


►  The national planning template requires specific Open space zoning*. Under the current District Plan, all open space areas default to the underlying zone eg. Residential or Township in urban areas, Rural or Rural scenic in rural areas.
►  There are a number of open space and recreation areas designated under the current District Plan; however, due to inadequate designation details, planning permission is still required to undertake works for management purposes eg. new public toilets. 
►  The Waitaki Reserves Management Plan 2014 deals with the day to day management of reserves under the Reserves Act and Local Government Act.


► Assigning new Open spaces zoning to match the national planning framework (to open spaces managed for public use, but excluding private open spaces eg. golf clubs) and developing tailor made objectives and policies for each zone.
► Removing Recreation designations on reserves from the District Plan.
► Providing for activities provided for as “permitted” or “managed” within the Waitaki Reserves Management Plan as permitted activities subject to meeting standards eg: maximum height, building setbacks from boundary, maximum gross floor area and impervious surfaces, parking/access, noise, artificial glare/light (and meeting relevant building consent requirements).
► Managing the effects of new large-scale developments eg. indoor sports stadiums or community facilities appropriately according to the purpose and character of the zone.
► Managing the effects of incompatible recreation and open space activities and uses.

*New Open Space and Recreation Zone Statements (national planning template)

​► Natural open space zone: areas where the natural environment is retained and activities, buildings and other structures are compatible with the character of the zone.
►  Open space zone: range of passive and active recreational activities, along with limited facilities and structures.
►  Sport and active recreation zone: range of indoor and outdoor sport and active recreational and associated facilities and structures.