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waitaki district plan review

Why the change of plan?

We’re living in changing times, a changing world, and our district faces new challenges when it comes to how land is used: climate change, coastal erosion and natural hazards like flooding and fire.


The Waitaki District Plan is the community’s rulebook, setting out the framework governing the use and development of land within our district. The District Plan sets out guidance, maps, and rules on how people can use and develop their land.

The Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) requires all councils to start a review of their District Plan 10 years after it was made operative. The RMA requires the District Plan to sustainably manage the natural and physical resources of the District to meet the needs of current and future generations and to provide for their social, economic and cultural well-being and for their health and safety.

A lot has changed since the last District Plan and Waitaki’s has been under review for a number of years. In 2019 we released a discussion document, held community workshops and asked for your feedback on a range of issues across the district. We are now beginning the next phase of engagement, with the aim of ensuring affected landowners are aware of any changes to the status of their land and to encourage awareness and understanding of the District Plan Review in the wider community. Broader engagement will follow.

We need to ensure the rules for the district are fit for purpose and reflect the wishes of the wider community, while also incorporating government direction around national policy statements, national planning standards and other central and regional government direction.

Things have changed, we need a ‘change of plan.’

Check out these links for further information on national and regional policy Statements

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