historical heritage

Historical heritage includes sites, structures, historical areas and archaeological sites. Heritage can be lost or adversely affected by demolition, neglect and unsympathetic development. The Heritage provisions of the new  District Plan seek to conserve and enhance heritage values in the District.


► Ōamaru is recognized nationally and internationally for its historical heritage and the retention of the architectural integrity of the streetscape is essential. The current District Plan does not recognize the Ōamaru Historic Area or any of the other historical areas of the District.

► Council is required to protect our historic buildings and areas.
► Although few high value heritage buildings have been lost, there have been some unsympathetic alterations and additions made and the loss of some buildings with heritage value.
► Many of our heritage buildings require seismic strengthening (if they are earth-quake prone) so that they are safe for people to use. This can affect the economic viability of maintaining heritage.


Identification of all Heritage NZ Historical Areas and Heritage NZ listed archaeological features in the District Plan including increasing the extent of the Ōamaru Historical Area.

► New objectives and policies that provide for the sympathetic structural upgrading and adaptive reuse of heritage buildings.
► Proposing stronger rules around the demolition or damage to identified historic heritage.
► Stronger controls within historical areas around managing the impacts of earthworks, new development, subdivision, signage and design.
► New Heritage Design Standards for height, colour, materials and design in the historic areas.

Note: Existing listed heritage items will be carried over from the current District Plan. 150 new items have been suggested for inclusion in the District Plan. These are being assessed for inclusion in the Plan. The Council is working with iwi and landowners to identify Wāhi Tūpuna sites in the District Plan.

Historical Areas:

Ōamaru Historic Area
Ōamaru Harbour Historic Area
Waitaki Hydro Village Historic Area
Golden Point Mine Historic Area
Murphy’s Flat Reserve Historic Area
Takiroa Historic Area
Maraewhenua Historic Area

Council believes that protecting heritage values by regulatory control must be  complemented by incentives and improved public awareness. Council will encourage retention, preservation, conservation and maintenance of historic buildings through the Waitaki Heritage Fund and aims to make the fund more accessible.