General District wide matters

Activities on the Surface of Water

Surface water activities include the use of craft, structures and contact recreation on the inland waters of the District, being the surface of lakes, rivers and wetlands.



The current District Plan has earthworks provisions that relate to the rural zone only. The new Earthworks chapter will address general mining, quarrying and gravel extraction activities. 

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Council is required to manage the effects of noise emissions in the District Plan under the RMA91.


Temporary Activities

it is important to manage temporary activities that generate significant adverse environmental effects.

VHC 17 Crombie and Price Garden Party 5.

coastal environment

The Coastal Environment is defined to include the inland extent of the coastal environment these are estuaries and low lying coastal areas including mapped coastal hazard areas, the tidal reach, the top of escarpments and the landform that is a product of coastal processes.

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Council has the ability through the District Plan (under the RMA91) to manage these effects to protect amenity and safety values.

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Relevant controls around signage are needed in the District Plan to manage potential adverse effects of signage such as too many signs in one place, or inappropriate signs for the location.


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