contaminated land

Council has a responsibility to control the effects of contaminated sites on human health and has a duty to protect the environment. 

The National Environmental Standard for Assessing and Managing Contaminants in Soil to Protect Human Health (NESCS) is a nationally consistent set of planning controls and soil contaminant values. Council is required to implement this national standard including:

► Avoiding, remedying or mitigating any actual or potential adverse effects of contaminated land to ensure there is no further significant adverse effects on the environment.
► Ensuring that prior to any new subdivision, use or new development of land, a site investigation has been undertaken of any land identified as actually or potentially contaminated that could result in an increase in any adverse effect resulting from any contamination of the land.
► Ensuring that any remediation or mitigation works for contaminated land do not lead to further significant adverse effects on the environment.



Other effects arising from the discharge of contaminants from a contaminated site are controlled by regional councils through their regional plans.


► The District Plan does not implement the requirement of the NESCS.


►  Implementing the NESCS.
►  Consider guidance outside of the District Plan for dealing with contaminated land and links to the regional councils contaminated land.