The subdivision provisions of the District Plan set out the details on the creation of new parcels of land (lots), how these parcels are integrated with infrastructure (sewerage, water, and roads) and where they are located to ensure environmental and cultural impacts and natural hazard risks are managed.


► Subdivision outcomes are not always directed by good design. Current subdivision design including lot sizes and resulting buildings does not always make the best of the available land.
► Infrastructure has not always been planned and integrated to achieve sustainable outcomes.
► The cohesion of infrastructure (roading, water and waste) between different land parcels can be limited, causing problems with connecting roads and the locking of land from future development.
► Lack of consideration given to earthworks or sediment control at the subdivision stage.
► In non-serviced areas limited consideration is given to the productive capacity of the land, suitability of building platforms and the ground suitability.
► The Council has the opportunity to secure esplanade reserve and strips where subdivision occurs on lots with frontages to waterways and the coastline. A clearer rule framework needs to be developed to address esplanade reserve and strip requirements on subdivisions with lots that are greater than 4 hectares.


► New provisions to make sure subdivisions are designed and located to suit the role and function of the particular zone.
► Linkage of earthwork and sediment control provisions to subdivision requirements.
► Subdivision design will need to provide connected and integrated infrastructure, be sustainable with low-impact design outcomes and provide adequate infrastructure servicing and open space/amenity.
► Incorporate infrastructure design standards into the District Plan or have them sit outside the plan.
► Focus on taking esplanade reserves and strips for access, conservation or recreational purposes only along specifically identified waterways and coastlines.
► Development of subdivision design guidelines and stormwater guidelines for developers.


Note: The new District Plan will contain a stand-alone chapter to provide clear direction on the subdivision requirement.