strategic direction

This will be a new chapter in the District Plan, setting out the District’s major issues and how they will be handled. 

We have identified 6 key strategic issues facing our district:

► We will work in partnership with Tangata Whenua and act in accordance with the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi.

►We will recognise the relationship of Maori and their culture and traditions with their land, special sites (Wāhi Tūpuna) and Taonga. We will protect Wāhi Tupuna sites and sites of significance to Tangata Whenua.

1. Tangata Whenua

2. protection of the natural environment

► This is a beautiful part of the country. We think people want to keep it that way. So we will protect special landscapes and features that shape our character and protect areas of significant indigenous vegetation and habitats of indigenous animals.

► The Waitaki District has some amazing old buildings, areas and heritage items. These links to the past give our towns a unique look. They’re an important part of Waitaki’s economy and character and need to be protected but also allowed to be adapted and re-used so they stay a part of our future.

3. heritage protection

5. resilience - natural hazards

► With climate change predicted, we need to have ways to deal with this and other possible threats, like floods and earthquakes. That means making sure housing, land use and development happens in a way that avoids or reduces risks to people, property and infrastructure like roads and water supplies.

6. rural areas

► Farming is a big part of our economy. We will balance the production and protection of our rural landscapes and recognise the value that rural production and services play in the District’s economy.


► We will ensure that there is a good supply of land for housing while avoiding urban sprawl and having houses spread over good farming land.

► It is important that necessary infrastructure is available to facilitate the growth of our urban areas.

► We will plan for the needs of our tourism businesses by making sure we allow for tourist accommodation, attraction and services in a way that avoids unwanted impacts and effects.
► We want to encourage good quality sustainable design.
We want to provide connected, accessible, safe urban spaces and recreation opportunities within the district’s existing settlements to live, work and play.
► One size does not fit all and more and more people are asking for new housing options. We will enable a variety of housing types, sizes and tenures to be available across the district to meet the different needs of people in our community.
► We will enable compatible activities with similar effects and functions to locate together in appropriate areas and managed to:

  • Ensure the efficient use of land, resources and infrastructure

  • Maintain the character and amenity values of different parts of the district

  • Minimise adverse effects from incompatible activities