Residential Zones

The District Plan currently has Residential zoned land in the townships of Ōamaru, Palmerston, Kurow, Otematata, Omarama and Ohau Village. Most of the existing residential zoned land has a minimum lot size of 300m2, with a small pocket of larger residential lot sizes in Bluestone Drive, Ōamaru (600m2).


► National requirement for new Residential zone terminology.
► Shortage of Residential zoned land in some areas of the District.
► Growing demand for affordable housing, and housing options to suit an aging and more culturally diverse population.
► Increasing demand for flexible working options.
► Ongoing need to manage residential activities to ensure amenity effects are minimized.

draft response to key issues

► Review current capacity of Residential zoned land and ensure there is sufficient opportunity for future demand with infrastructure available to support new development.
► Review current residential section sizes (currently minimum lot size of 300m2 ) to ensure there is opportunity for flexible housing options while maintaining good amenity levels.
► Higher density housing options and zoning in appropriate locations.
► Incentivise new well designed residential developments with less regulatory hurdles.
►  Better facilitate retirement and aged care facilities, and provide options for ageing in place within our urban areas, while ensuring provisions align with industry best practice.
►  Link open spaces with residential areas by facilitating good recreational linkages between new and existing residential areas/developments.
►  Enhance sustainable living by facilitating low impact energy and water use, and on-site small-scale energy generation in existing and new developments.
►  Manage the effects of non-residential activities in residential areas including revised standards around opening hours, vehicle movements, parking and noise.

New Terminology for Residential Zoned Land

►  General residential zone: Residential activities with a mix of building types and other compatible activities.
►  Medium density residential zone: Residential activities with moderate concentration and bulk of buildings eg. detached, semi-detached and terraced housing, low-rise apartments and other compatible activities.
►  Low density residential zone: Residential activities and building consistent with a suburban scale and subdivision pattern eg. one to two storey with yards.
►  Large lot residential zone: Residential activities and buildings eg. detached houses on lots larger than the low density residential and general residential zones where there are particular landscape characteristic, physical limitations or other constraints.

feedback has now closed

Thank you! We had lots of responses to the District Plan Review Discussion document feedback form and survey plus many others via email, post and in our public engagement meetings. We have been analysing your feedback and we are using it to help draft the new District Plan for Waitaki. We will be releasing the draft District Plan in 2021 for another round of public consultation and a chance for you to have your say.

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