​We’re updating our District Plan to ensure it enables economic and residential growth while protecting the environment and the things that make our District special. 

The Waitaki District Plan is the community's rulebook, setting out the framework for governing the use of land within our district.  It has a major role in shaping Waitaki's future and what you can do with your land.


We will be running a series of engagement campaigns to understand the issues the Waitaki District is facing, clarify the outcomes the community would like and consider the range of options we have to deal with particular issues. Based on feedback during this process we will develop a draft District Plan for community consideration.  

The aim of the draft district plan is to ‘check in’ with the community to ensure that we are on the right track before we refine the objectives and policies and develop rules before we notify the Proposed District Plan. ​


Where are we now?

Check out the process of the District Plan Review and Timeline

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The current Waitaki District Plan was made fully operative on 31 May 2010.

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Find out what our District Plan is all about and why we're reviewing it.