natural hazards

The Natural Hazards provisions of the District Plan seek to manage the potential effects of land use, subdivision and development to avoid or mitigate the risk from natural hazards.



► Flood hazard areas are the only natural hazard areas currently mapped in the District Plan.
► Updated natural hazards information and mapping is not provided for in the current District Plan. This results in a lack of clear and accessible information about areas that are potentially vulnerable to natural hazards.
► Geotechnical matters are not specifically addressed for earthworks that take place on sites vulnerable to land instability or located on steep slopes. This can lead to earthworks that have the potential to exacerbate the risk from natural hazards and alter overland flow paths.
► The current District Plan does not contain any rules relating to the use and development of land subject to other known natural hazards such as land instability, steep slopes or active fault lines.
► The current District Plan does not give effect to national guidance or regional policy.

The Waitaki District is vulnerable to a range of natural hazards including  flooding, sea level rise, storm surge, tsunami, earthquakes, alluvial fans, landslides and subsidence, wind, snow, fire and drought.


► Inclusion of updated natural hazards information from the Otago Regional Council and Environment Canterbury and the 2012 report on land instability in Moeraki.  (Tonkin&Taylor Report).
► Update the mapping of known natural hazards where Council has confidence in the accuracy and validity of the information and the level of risk is understood.
► Identification of ‘hazard-prone’ areas where there is less certainty around the natural hazard.
► A risk based approach to assess natural hazard risk on a sensitivity basis. This would allow certain low risk activities to take place in hazard prone areas (grazing, farming, open space etc.) and restrict more vulnerable activities such as housing, schools and medical centres. New rules would require more information and assessment on the risks associated with a natural hazard and the suitability of the activity being proposed.
► Include a requirement for a geotechnical report to accompany applications for earthworks on steeper slopes and areas where there is a possible risk from land instability.
► New provisions for encouraging natural defences such as wetlands.

Note: Coastal hazards will be addressed under Coastal Environment in this document