key issues


Let’s map the key stops on this journey, decide our most important objectives and the rules we will follow before we start the engine and start driving towards the future of the district. 


We need to talk about our energy sources, our current infrastructure and the way we get stuff from A to B. How do we plan to update them to accepted national, regional and industry best practice while focusing on a future requiring renewable energy?

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When acts of past caretakers have resulted in contaminated land or natural forces pose a hazard, what will we do to mitigate threats of harm to the environment, people, housing and infrastructure?

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What are our built treasures? Our sites of heritage and cultural importance? Help us identify and protect our historical heritage, notable trees, sites and areas of significance to Maori.

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Seeking to maintain Waitaki's remaining indigenous biodiversity, landscapes, landform and natural character - what are our protective measures, our safeguards?

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Let’s set out new provisions to make sure subdivisions are designed and located  appropriately.

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Rules need to be set and agreed on about things like: activities on the surface of water and within the coastal environment, earthworks, light and noise pollution, signage and events.


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How do we want land to be used? Where are our Residential, Rural, Commercial and mixed use zones? What about Industrial land, our Open space and recreational zones? What are our future needs?