Frequently asked questions

How Does Alightpay Work?

Alightpay does research & development to create innovative products and services based on fintech and blockchain technology to use and distribute these innovations GLOBALLY. Currently, Alightpay is working on a Decentralized wallet.

What makes alightpay unique?

Alightpay Wallet - With just one app ( alightpay wallet ) you can take control of your crypto assets. alightpay wallet allows you to do real-time crypto transactions. alightpay provides you assets full advanced security. with advanced in-app swap which makes easier trading for your crypto assets.

Multiple revenue streams?

comming soon...

Does Alightpay Wallet support multiple chains?

Yes, Alightpay wallet will support multipe chains for eg. Kucoin Cmmunity Chain(KCC), Binance Smart Chain(BSC) ,Ethereum(ETH) ,polygon(MATIC) ,Bitcon(BTC Stellar Lumens (XLM) ,Ripple(XRP) ,Tron(TRX) and many more......

Why did Alightpay choose KCC blockchain?

The KuCoin Community Chain (KCC) is a decentralized public chain, built by KCS and KuCoin fan communities to address issues with the public chain like low performance and excessive costs, by providing community members with a quicker, more efficient, and low-cost solution.

KCC allows Full compatibility with Ethereum and ERC-20 smart contracts, and low migration fees, and the KuCoin Token (KCS) is KCC's only fuel and native token and it can be used to pay for gas. Also, blocks are generated every three seconds, allowing for faster transaction confirmation and improved chain performance that utilizes the Proof of Staked Authority (PSA) consensus algorithm, which is more efficient, secure, and robust.

When will the Pre-SALE start?

pre-sale information will be informed soon.