what is the District Plan?

What is the District Plan?​​


The Waitaki District Plan is the community’s rulebook, setting out the framework for governing the use and development of land within our district. 


The District Plan sets out the guidance and rules on how you can use and develop your land and whether a Resource Consent is required.  EVERYONE is affected by the District Plan because it helps shape how we live, work and play in the Waitaki district. Its provisions are designed to ensure the environment, and the things people love about living in the Waitaki are protected.

What issues does the District Plan deal with?​​


The District Plan says how Council will manage significant resource management issues. This might include:

  • Building development and earthworks

  • Land use activities such as residential, commercial, industrial and farming

  • Visitor accommodation

  • Subdivision of land and associated earthworks

  • Protecting historic heritage, landscapes, natural features and biodiversity

  • Managing natural hazards

  • Activities on the surface of water in rivers and lakes


It also manages more minor matters, such as the minimum distance a garage should be located from a property boundary.

How does the District Plan affect me?​​


The District Plan affects the way you and your neighbours can use and develop your property. It identifies a range of activities that are anticipated in the district, where they should occur and regulates these activities through the objectives, policies, rules, explanations and definitions.


The positive outcomes achieved through the District Plan generally go unnoticed for most people and it is often not until someone wants to start a new activity or redevelop their property that they become aware of the District Plan regulations and the intended outcomes.


Some common ways the District Plan can affect property owners are:


  • How close to the boundary you can build or extend your house, garage or other buildings.

  • How many dwellings you can have on your property

  • Whether you can subdivide your property

  • Whether there are any ‘special values’ relating to your property

  • Whether you can operate a business from your home

  • Whether you can rent your house as an AirBnB.

Why is the District Plan being reviewed?​​


We are required by law to review our District Plan every 10 years.


The full review of the District Plan allows communities to reassess environmental outcomes and priorities, and redefine their vision for the future of the district. The District Plan should help to sustainably manage the natural and physical resources of the district to meet the needs of current and future generations and to provide for their social, economic and cultural well-being and for their health and safety.  


The current District Plan​​


The current Waitaki District Plan was made fully​ operative on 31 May 2010. It comprises five parts, covering the whole district:​



How to use the District Plan

To find out what is allowed to happen on a piece of land refer to the District Pl​an Maps, locate your property and identify the zoning. Each zone is identifie​d by colour and notated in the map legend. Each zone has its own chapter containing the rules​.​