Commercial and Mixed Use Zones

Commercial and mixed use zones are currently known as Business zones in the current District Plan and are found in various scales from the commercial heart of Ōamaru’s Thames Street and the historic hub Harbour Street, to the town centres of Palmerston and Kurow and in pockets eg. local neighbourhood dairies and cafes usually. These areas provide a diverse range of activities and services for the community which support both residents and visitors.


► New national direction requires new zone names for our commercial areas - including removal of the current Travellers Accommodation zone (B6), and separating the current B4 and B5 zones into a new Industrial zone chapter of the plan.
►  Requirements to give effect to Regional Policy Statements including promoting better design and encouraging the use of low impact design techniques.
►  Town centres of the district do not have a high profile in current policy provisions.
►  A growing number of empty buildings in the current mixed use commercial areas (known as B3) in Humber Street Ōamaru.
►  Competition for on street carparking in Humber Street, Ōamaru - conflicts between parking space for workers and commuters.



► Align current zone names with national direction.
► Review the supply and demand of Commercial zoned land for future business development across the District.
► Ensure land is zoned correctly to maximise its use for the intended or existing activities, and manage the effects on the environment and the surrounding neigbourhood from these land use activities. 
► Ensure that town centres remain vibrant and their identity and character is retained through appropriate policy.
► Provide more guidance for new commercial development to better support good planning and urban design, and appropriate integrated infrastructure.
► Facilitate the adapative re-use of vacant Commerical/ mixed use zoned land areas eg. carparking, and workers accommodation for large industries, comprehensive residential re-development.

New Commercial Zones for Waitaki

► Commercial zone: broad range of commercial activities, associated activities that are not sensitive to the effects generated from commercial activities.
► Town centre zone: diverse range of commercial activities and associated community, recreation, and residential activities which support both residents and visitors. A destination for shopping, entertaining, events, dining and night life, visitor accommodation, arts, culture and tourism activities.
► Neighbourhood commercial zone: small-scale commercial activities that directly support the immediate residential neighbourhood.
► Local commercial: provide primarily for range of commercial activities that provide for daily/weekly shopping needs of a residential catchment.
► Mixed use zone: mix of residential, commercial and/or light industrial activities, and may also provide for recreational and community activities that serve residents and the wider community.